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I regret nothing... by vampiregirlchika
I regret nothing...
Made this a loooong time ago. I was maybe 14 (I'm 23 now). Funny thing is that I git inspired by a comic from Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin pretends to be a criminal who's about to get hanged. On the way to the noose he thinks about his crimes and the text says that he "regrets nothing". BAM, this idea was born! :D

So I made a girl and took the opportunity to practice bruises and cuts.
The monster inside of me, that is me
At the moment, I'm totally sold on Homestuck by Andrew Hussie and of course I stumbled over this song:

It was very touching and reminded me alot of how I used to feel when I was a wee bit younger. So I just had to make a drawing about two of my favourite parts :)

I had to take a picture of it 'cause my scanner has decided to not work all of a sudden :p
Textmessage by vampiregirlchika
(Lame title, I know)

A while ago I played the sims 4 and I had this really poor 17th century family with a working father and a housewife who made money by painting. They had a son named Benjamin who I was planning to marry off to their rich neighbour. Howevere, before I had the time to do that, Benjamin met Wolfgang...

He was a blond rebel with eyemakeup and leatherjacket and they fell in love.
But Benjamin's father Jack never liked Wolfgang or his son's relationship with him (the last part in my head that is).
The cool thing is that this particular scene (except for the "sorry"-part) happened right after Jack had found out about Wolfgang and Benjamin and had beaten up Wolfgang and told him to leave. He was desperatly trying to get Benjamin's attention through texts but Benjamin just ignored him.
Eventually Ben ended up marying the girl he was supposed to and they had a son. But she found him cheating with Wolfgang and they broke up, leaving Benjamin to finally move in to and marry his true love. They later adopted a little girl <3

Sims 4 and Wolfgang (c) EA games
Benjamin and his family (c) Me

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Blood, blood it's dripping down
When will it stop, when will it go?
Blood, blood down my skin
Little girls learned early to be careful
Blood, blood, blood of life
Someone taught us years ago to hide it
And I am
Blood, blood let no one know
Your pain will only hurt others
Keep it inside, make no fuss
Blood, blood down my skin
I'll make it stop, I'll make it go
Just let no one know
Put a little warning on this just in case.

This is probably one of the most personal drawings I've ever uploaded. Feel free to interpret this the way you want, the way that fits you. To me, it's about breaking free from myself, from the depression, from the panic disorder, from the very skin that holds all of that angst, anger and sadness inside you.
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Soon Sims 3

I'm back with a new journal! :D Much has happaned and that's why I haven't uploaded anything for a while.
In September 2012 I started studying at the university. I want to become a teacher for children 6 to 9-years old :)
And in October I moved in to my own apartment, which is very nice. Hopefully I get a job soon.

I've started drawing a few things but my pencils have been lying down for a couple of months so I'm not very happy with the results. I will start drawing again soon when I'm not so busy in school.

Well I get that is it. Check out my newest upload "Treacherous Love"
Over and out <3


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Favourite genre of music: Hardrock, Metal
Favourite photographer: My little sister
Favourite style of art: Gothic, Fantasy
Favourite cartoon character: There's so many...
School : University

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